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Saturn or shani sade sati
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Saturn or shani sade sati When the transits of the Saturn of the planet across the first, second and twelfth house of the Moon in the birth letter, it is known like the Saturn or shani sadi saati that it covers three houses in seven years and a half. One believes that Sade Sati brings disputes, disappointment, depression and many other undesirable moments in the life, nevertheless, his effect changes from the person the person according to your birth letter.

It is necessary to understand that the Saturn is not always a bad planet; he is the son of mister Sun. Only the finished analysis of this planet in your birth letter can conclude if it would cause problems in your life or not.

Shani is the master of the justice; it gives results on the base of ours karmas good or bad. Quite what we turn across the Saturn or shani sade the sati are really effects of our own facts. Mister Shani is related to restriction, sacrifice, misery, discipline, death and sorrow.

Effect of sade sati and astrological solution and its remedies

We are going to understand the effect of sade sati and his astrological solution now. The actions of Saturn or Shani as a judge in your life and his effects have so much positive aspects as negative. When you are confronted by difficulties, you learn many new things also. Without a doubt the problems make you a better person. We will speak first about some common negative effects of Shani Sade Sati. These are as it continues:

  • Personal problems
  • Financial crisis
  • Problems of health
  • Problems of career
  • The business related questions

In addition to these, Saturn or shani sade the sati has some positive effects also. It heightens your technical patience, sources of income of increase, social position and survival progress also. Here a few remedies are to neutralize the effect of Sade Sati:

  • He visits the God's temple Hanuman on Tuesdays and Saturdays.
  • The offers things were related to Shani to the poor and destitute person.
  • It donates the oil of the mustard, black Till etc.
  • Ride Neelam only after taking the appropriate address of an astrologer.
  • He sings Shani chalisa and reads Sunder Kaand of Ramcharitmanas.
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