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Pandit ji predictions Our very prodigious, deep astrologer, and veteran of global fame and popularity, also is begun in the generation of the blow, exact predictions, and of confidence occasionally, to extinguish the curiosities of general persons, and to entertain and to help them. Its habitual services fields in India and countries of in the whole world have been an astrology, Vashikaran, psychic readings, hypnotism, numerology, reiki, nadi astrology, voodoo, Vastu, corrective black magic, etc.

Almost all normal ones to strange problems and cases that happen one day in several fields of the social and personal, occupational, domestic life of the people, have been solved skillfully and eradicated by him across solutions based on these esoteric sciences. Its superlative, efficient services, and reasonably loaded they are very popular in most of the countries of Asia, many nations of North America, in many countries of Europe, and in abundant nations like Australia and South Africa, during more than a wonderful decade.

The prediction 01: Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) would obtain the Majority with 55 + Seats in the Election of the Assembly 2015 of Delhi! (It dates: on February 02, 2015)

On February 02, 2015, our Pandit learned and prestigious Ji had predicted that in the next election of the assembly 2015 of Delhi, which would be supported on February 07, AAP would obtain of course the notable majority. More than 55 seats would be gained by this prosperous political party led by Arvind Kejriwal. In this election, AAP gained 67 massive seats, of a whole of 70, and the rest was saved by BJP.

The prediction 02: Yuvraj Singh Extravagante will return to the Team of the Indian Cricket! (It dates: on January 20, 2015)

A genuine versatile person and the winner of the party, which was not selected to take part in the Cup of the world ICC 2015, Yuvraj Singh will be invited behind to the Team of the Indian Cricket, to play ancient and test cricket on behalf of the country, according to a Point prognosis. Pandit ji declared on January 20, 2015. According to the last news, Yuvraj received an enormous Rs price. 16 Crore of Dared of Delhi in the auction of Indian Premier League (IPL) in Bangalore believed on February 16, 2015, breaking its previous record of obtaining Rs. 14 Crore of the Real Applicants of Vijay Mallya.

The prediction 03:M. S. Dhoni would move back from the test cricket about the January, 2015! (It dates: on November 30, 2014)

This amazing prediction of our Pandit Ji was done on November 30, 2014. Today, it is known that Captain-cum-Skipper of the Team of the Indian Cricket, popularly famous like "Captain Sereno", M. S. Dhoni had chosen to move back from the test cricket in last week of the December, 2014 with the immediate effect, during the Australian Trip.

The prediction 04: the American president Barack Obama would adorn Indian celebrations of the day of the republic 2015, but there might not be successful again to see Tajmahal! (It dates: July, 2014)

In the July, 2014, Point. Pandit ji there was predito that the 66tas Indian celebrations of the Day of the republic of 2015 would be quite historical to obtain the grace of 44to American president Barack Obama as the Main Guest! But, since it was the case during its last visit to India in 2010, it might not be successful in the Tajmahal sight again, this time also. Both these predictions came completely real!

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