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Marriage & matchmaking astrology
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Marriage & matchmaking astrology The Astrology Védica offers an excellent method and proven good or procedure of doing smooth marriages and married life, promise, and happily of every way. This segment of the astrology commonly is called like Astrology of Marriage or Astrology Matchmaking, and is enormously popular in places all across India, and also in numerous countries all over the world. This marriage and astrology matchmaking essentially treat with the impeccable and scrupulous mail of the horoscopes of birth of two affected persons proposed to do a marriage.

Such a Horoscope that Matches [or Kundli Correspondence you offer trustworthy information of the announcement detailed about the perfect one of any proposed marriage, even done on the compatibility of marriage, the stability of relation, Guna Milan, analysis of Manglik, analysis of another Doshas and Yogas, etc. and also he suggests certain astrological recommendations and remedies for promoting happy marriages or prosperous and stable marriage life. This horoscope that matches also is beneficial for partners who want of a love marriage, to do things better.

The Seventh House in the Horoscope of Birth or the Letter of a woman or male straight is related to its / its marriage and married life. This horoscope that matches for the marriage is based on Lunar Constellations [Nakshatras] to discover the entire number of qualities [Gunas] in support of the marriage. Of a whole of 36 gunas, the mail of at least 18 is imperatively desirable to cause a marriage.

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Experienced in the astrology matchmaking, our astrologer worldwide well-known works skillfully and scrupulously six following main and fundamental analyses and services, to help the people of in the whole world:

  • LONGEVITY : The longevity of both the partners affected for the marriage is verified separately. If the difference between this is big, of that time, the party is not adapted for the marriage.
  • MENTAL COMPATIBILITY : the durable compatibility between two affected partners meticulously is analyzed. The elements that favor this compatibility are the attraction and the possible affection between the partners, natural behavior and temperament of every partner and its good will to protect its married life.
  • CHILD BIRTH : The horoscopes of birth of both the partners are analyzed separately to verify the certainty of at least a child.
  • HEALTH : The stability of the health recovers and without problems, and the least part of possibility of any accident, the affected persons are analyzed in the horoscopes of both.
  • SEPARATIVE TENDECIES : one determines that there is no potential reparative present tendencies in the horoscope of every person, who might cause a long-term separation or a divorce finally.
  • FINANCIAL STABILITY : The financial profit, the stability and the progress are analyzed in the horoscope of every person, which they are necessary for the smooth announcement the pacific married life.
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