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Know your future by your date of birth
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Know your future by your date of birth Its Date of birth (DOB) gives a specific number, and hence, a particular frequency. This number or frequency is used then by the numerologist to predict all on you, its life and things / events contained in its life. If, in such a calculation or prediction, the number or frequency possessed by its full name includes, then, the predictions they can be undoubtedly more exact and of confidence, inclusive, and really impeccable. Such calculations are the main part of the numerology, and the advantages of these calculations separately are described in the low section of this very informative Web page.

The numerology or numerologists they believe that every number possesses a specific vibratory frequency or to be able, that is completely capable of influencing in a person and the things of its / its life. In fact, the extensive studies, thoroughly, and creative and the analysis of the hidden and esoteric vibratory frequencies of numbers and influences of these in the people and the things of the life, there are the main and last targets of the numerology. This revolutionary and miraculous numbers science has boasted enormously and popularly in countries all over the world from antiquity, especially in India, China, Egypt, Greece, etc. Today, the numerology commonly is considered like being an inseparable part of the widest astrology.

Together with being an astrologer of world reputation and specialist Vashikaran, our veteran and in August Pandit ji also is numerologist globally supposedly, who has been solving problems related to diverse areas of the life across its very refined and impeccable solutions based on the numerology on countries all over the world, during approximately a decade.

How pandit ji resolves your problems by your DOB

After knowing its date of birth and full name, our solemn pandit and soft ji will realize necessary calculations of the numerology and analysis to discover four key (or heart) number related to you. These main numbers are the Number of the Way of the Life [based of the Date of birth], The Number of the Destination or the Expression [based on the Full name], Number of Impulse of the Soul [Vowels of the Name] and Number of the Birthday. After these calculations, it will be capable of helping him safely and skillfully as regards the following thing:

  • In discovery of its natural and personal characteristics, forces and weaknesses
  • In knowing its best career options, and targets and priorities in life
  • In recognition of its the most promising, the best, and much numbers of the luck, days, dates and colors
  • In manufacture of some constructive and beneficial modifications of its name
  • In heightening its creative talents and forces, requisite for success and prosperity
  • In solution of its problems related to partner of love, marriage, domesticity, friends, family, etc.
  • In discovery of rich and brilliant employment quickly
  • In collision of problems related to health, education, selection of career
  • In assuring and promoting its career, social and financial position
  • In decision and fixation of dates of trips and trips, celebrations, social events, etc.
  • In knowing answers to questions related to its interior personality, impulses, tendencies, etc.
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