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Cats eye gemstone specialist
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Cat's eye gemstone specialist The Eye of Chrysoberyl Cat is of course gemstone magnificent, embellished with mystical and miraculous powers and magnificent properties of healing. Consequently, the eye of this cat gemstone often is admired as being the stone of success, wealth and fortune and safety of enemies and dangers. The wonderful effects of the eye of the cat gemstones are usable to the maximum across the solutions of the astrology of our astrologer globally supposed pandit Ji of India.

Other famous names of the Eye of this Chrysoberyl Cat are Lehsunia or Vaiduria in India and Cymophane. Chrysoberyl is aluminate transparently of Beryllium. The Eye of this Chrysoberyl Cat relates to the planet hatching Ketu, which also is known as the Node of the South of the Moon. His name one has come from the amazing resemblances of his physical aspect with the eye of a cat seized in lighthouses in the night. Possessing the high hardness (8.5 for the Moh scale) and the eye of the sharp cat, the Eye of this Chrysoberyl Cat gemstone finds in a series of colors or color - combinations enclosed green fondness in color yellow like fondness, brown like fondness, green like fondness, yellowish, black, etc. it is considered that Cat's eye gemstones with yellow resplendence and white group is of the magnificent quality. The Eye of Chrysoberyl Cat gemstones found in Myanmar and Sri Lanka is considered to be the best. Other sources of these gemstones are Brazil, Tanzania, China, India and Russia. Again, the most effective and popular substitutes to the Eye of Chrysoberyl Cat are a Quartz of Cat's Eye, Eye of Cat Tourmaline and the Eye of the Tiger.

Cat's Eye gemstones astrological benefits and effects

The Eye of Chrysoberyl Cat is used for the lightening of the negative and bad effects of Ketu malefic, the intensification of the creative and favorable influences of Ketu benefic, and also for the general good luck and safety of diverse damages and losses. In general, the eye of the cat gemstone astrological advantages is the following thing:

This magic gemstone unmet better concentration of work, creative imaginations and thoughts, intellect and knowledge, optimism, penetrating sagacity for the good judgment and courage to tackle challenges and provocative situations.

He promotes qualities of self-discipline, serenity, generosity, farsightedness, clarity of thoughts and discriminatory intuition.

This helps in the acquisition of occupational success and reputation, and causes good luck, fortune, wealth and luxuries in the life.

They admire much for this miraculous gemstone to clean obstacles and obstacles, protecting the established reputation and the business, and removing the bad effects of witchcrafts or malignant spirits.

This protects the bearer of hidden or open enemies, offers the safety against diverse dangers and losses, and avoids a jail, poisoning, drowning and malignant spirits.

This miraculous gemstone of the Eye of Chrysoberyl Cat must put himself in a ring of gold, silver, steel or platinum and his weight shouldn't be less than three carats. Again, this gemstone must take in the small finger of the left hand of a man, on Saturday or Thursday, during the period of waxing the Moon; the most suitable time point being approximately two hours after the sunset. Here, it is significant that, the Eye of Chrysoberyl Cat shouldn't take with ruby, pearl, red coral or yellow sapphire, since Ketu isn't compatible with the masters of these gemstones.

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