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Astrological remedies for delayed marriages
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Astrological remedies for delayed marriages The marriage is one of the most important and vital works or needs for the life. Hence, the magnificent and approved science of the astrology inevitably offers a rich reservation of information extensive and sumptuous and facts about the marriage of individuals. This opulent scale of knowledge and information as for the marriage also covers several causes responsible for the delay of marriages. This Web page contains the useful and exclusive information about the astrological remedies for backward marriages, together with the exhibition of the possible causes of the delay of marriages of persons located in countries all over the world.

According to the astrology, the most excellent and important houses in the horoscope of birth of the person affected in relation to marriage and married life are the Seventh house (7ma he marries), Eighth house (8vth house), Tenth house (10ma he marries), he marries of Thirds [3rd house), etc. Y, the most significant and influential planets as regards opportune marriage and matrimonial happiness are Jupiter, Mars, Venus, etc. Therefore, these planets should be placed well, virtuosos, and important in the horoscope of birth of the native. As regards marriage and domesticity, the domineering house is her 7ma house; the 8vth house of the horoscope contains facts on the longevity of the spouse; and 10mas and 3ras houses offer the information about relations with political relatives and brothers - and you join in the laws, respectively. The planet Jupiter redeems a big role in opportune marriage and matrimonial happiness of the native. Good and strong Mars thinks so portent to harmony and happiness in the married life. While powerful Venus promotes rapid marriage, conjugal harmony and materialistic serviceability in the married life.

All types of marriage (love/arranged) problems solution by astrology

Our astrologer acclaimed by the world is now one of the marriage enormously reliably and supposedly - astrologers of the specialist and astrologers of marriage of the love in India and countries all across the world. Many other sciences also are covered exhaustively by the services of Pandit ji; to know its abundant scale of services, please visit other Web pages of this globally reliable web site.

Since the marriages refer, it offers soportantes solutions and services to cause all the types of marriages with the people who lives in countries all over the world, even the most common and popular varieties of the tidy marriages, marriages of love and the marriages of the intercaste. These solutions and services are provided across gemstones corrective and beneficial, rudraksha therapy, therapy of the mantra, lightening or elimination of Yoga malevolent worrying, realizing certain Poojas or the activities of the charity. In this conjuncture, it is necessary to notice that our scholar, benevolent, and he dignified pandit ji offers these solutions after doing the extensive and meticulous observation of all the houses and planets in the horoscope of birth of the native, the position and the nature of the planets, forces and weaknesses of the planets and the good and bad influences of the planets. For delay or postponement in the marriage and problems in the matrimonial life, the following astrological factors and the facts are responsible:

The presence or the influence of any natural benevolent planet in 7ma house offer positive and promising results as for the married and matrimonial happiness. On the other hand, the place or the influence of natural malevolent planets (like the Saturn, Mars, Rahu, etc.) in 7ma house give negative results, like delay of the marriage, problems of relation in the married life, etc. The Saturn universally known each other for causing the marriages delay. Again, if the master of 7ma places house in his own house, or it sees or it favors 7ma house, then there will be harmony and the happiness in the married life.

  • The low State of planets like Jupiter, Venus and Mars in the horoscope of birth of the native
  • The presence of Mars in the first, the fourth, the seventh, eighth one, or the twelfth house of the horoscope of birth, cause Mangal Dosha or Kuja Dosha to the native, who causes backward marriage and problems in the married life.
  • The presence of any malevolent planet in the eighth house, also it would be necessary to consider while manufacture of the party.
  • Again, the tenth and third houses of the horoscope to become favorable and promising across presence or good influences of virtuous planets.
  • The delay of the marriage also is caused if the Seventh house remains does not not influence and abandoned by some planet.
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